Regional presentation was held in Gori

A regional presentation was held in Gori within the framework of "Civic Engagement School 2023", where students summarized the aims, activities, and results of their projects.

The following civic engagement projects were implemented in Gori:

"The Values ​​of the European Union and the Development Perspective of Georgia" - authors: Aleksandre Sadaghashvili, Nata Bichenov, Gvantsa Gwimradze;

"Knowledge of First Aid as a Responsibility of a Responsible Citizen" - authors: Tiniko Thandiashvili, Anano Sukhitashvili, Giorgi Guleuri;

"Hate Speech and Hate-motivated Crimes as Mechanisms for Promoting Marginalization of People and the Mechanisms of Combating it " - authors: Mariam Pavliashvili, Mariam Aduashvili, Dachi Chkhartishvili.

'’Civic Engagement School 2023'' is implemented with the financial support of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung South Caucasus Regional Office.