Regional presentation was held in Telavi

Within the framework of the project ‘’Civic Engagement School 2022,’’ a regional presentation of students’ civic engagement projects was held in Telavi, where the participants presented the results of their projects.

The students discussed the experience and impressions they received during their participation in the project ‘’Civic Engagement School 2022’’, as well as reviewed the aims of their project and the implemented activities.

The following civic engagement projects were implemented in Telavi: 

"Crime of Stalking", authors: Keti Natatrishvili, Gulia Amzoev, Tamuna Bazierashvili

"Gender Asymmetry in the Labor Market", authors: Keso Sakhiashvili, Mariam Solomnishvili, Nino Mrelashvili, Vitali Papov

''Civic Engagement School 2022'' is implemented with the financial support of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung South Caucasus Regional Office.