The project "Jury as an active citizen" was successfully implemented in Gori.

We continue to publish the results of the civic engagement projects implemented by students within the framework of the ‘’Civic Engagement School 2022’’.

This time we will tell you about the project of Ana Lazarashvili, a student of GIPA, Zurab Macharashvili, and Luka Papelishvili, students of Gori State Teaching University. Students successfully implemented the project ‘’Jury as an Active Citizen’’, which aimed to inform the public about the institution of the jury.

To achieve the aim of the project, pieces of training were organized by the authors, where the following issues were discussed:  The origin and historical perspective of the jury institution, how the jury list is selected, and who can refuse to serve on the jury, what are the rights, duties, and responsibilities of the jury, what are the main stages of the trial and how is the verdict delivered. The characteristics of democracy were also discussed in the pieces of training.
Each training was conducted in an active question-answer and discussion mode.

Within the framework of the project, a discussion of the film "12 Angry Men" was also organized, which helped the participants to better analyze the issues discussed in the pieces of training.

''Civic Engagement School 2022'' is implemented with the financial support of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung South Caucasus Regional Office.