"Young Democracy Champion" Award was held at TSU

On April 22 IFES and CELA has announced the winner of the "Young Democracy Champion" award at the students' IV scientific conference, held at Tbilisi State University. The winner was 15 years old Giorgi Shelegia who was the first person who won the annual "Young Democracy Champion" award for his dedication to the principles of democracy, democratic values and good governance. 

It is noteworthy that despite his age, Giorgi is the participant and the winner of the number of important projects. He is actively working in the field of adolescents’ rights, for their further awareness and creating opportunities for their further awareness and development.

Giorgi has independently set up "School Self-Government" in the 9th grade, which aims to help the peers to establish the right communication with their teachers, promote democratic values for future generations and ensure that students are aware of their rights and obligations.

As the winner of many scientific-technological competitions, Giorgi Shelegia has established the "Young Scientists’ Club", where young people are trying to help "colleagues" who are interested in science and provide them with the information about important and interesting issues such as legal awareness about patent and other things.

"Young Scientists' Club" decided to start working on a new project "Discover in Georgian", which aims to help young scientists to overcome the language barrier. This will allow interested children to use their knowledge and resources to have more innovate ideas in the future. They have created the website where you can see translations, public lectures, discussions and speeches related to technology and innovation.

“It’s very important for Giorgi that at this age and at this stage of life his work and motivation is appreciated. He is doing it on the voluntary basis, so to maintain this spirit and be the role model for his peers it’s important to make him feel that in the work is really appreciated in the democratic society” – said Augusta Featherston, IFES Youth Advisor.

International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) and Civic Education Lecturers Association (CELA) have jointly decided to announce Giorgi Shelegia as the winner of the "Young Democracy Champion" award nomination. The event organizers wished him good luck in the future scientific activities and awarded him with the special prize.