Lecturers Regular Meeting was held in Kutaisi

On November 5-6, lecturers’ regular meeting was held in Kutaisi. The meeting was attended by the lecturers of Democracy and Citizenship university course from the different cities.

Tamar Karaia, an executive director of the Civic Education Lecturers Association, opened the meeting. She gave the speech about the political ideologies and parties and carried out thematic activities with the involvement of the audience. Tina Norakidze and Kakha Uriandmkopeli, lecturers of GIPA and Georgian-American University, discussed the new edition of the teacher’s manual of the Democracy and Citizenship university course. Activities from this manual were used during the meeting. These activities can also be used during the learning process as it will make it easier for students to master the study materials. 

In addition, Tinatin Maghedani, the member of CELA, presented the collection of students’ best action plan projects implemented in the framework of Democracy and Citizenship university course. Ioseb Gabaraevi, the lecturer of Gori State University, talked about the practice of Supreme Court and its use in the study process of “Democracy and Citizenship”. 

Besides the abovementioned issues, the event included topics such as human rights strategy development, the importance of research in student action projects, activities to be implemented by the organisation and so on. 

The event was made possible with the financial support of USAID in the framework of the project Strengthening Electoral Processes (SEP), implemented by the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES).